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The wood selection

GONTIER furniture is manufactured in Mayenne, with cherry and oak woods coming exclusively from French forests. Our cabinets are also made, by special request, with Walnut.
The remarkable features of these three species enable the greatest quality possible.

The Cherry

The Cherry is a wood (wild cherry) valued for its fine grain and beautiful veining. High end, it comes in several colors and modern finishes called "de style" or "antiquaires".

The Oak

Oak is a very popular wood in furniture making for its unique appearance, its strength and its durability. Its natural tones are experiencing a renewed interest from consumers seeking the aesthetics of raw furniture.

The Walnut

The walnut wood is a strong and resistant wood of large dark veining, accepting only one cote of finishing. Coloring and dying the wood are not recommended.

The transformation


GONTIER realizes its wood drying in 4 cells of 40m3 each. The humidity of the air is an important factor in the final quality of our furniture. Our traditional assemblies are designed to allow the wood to adapt once in your home.


After 7 to 10 days of drying, according to the thickness of the wood, the blocks are cut, keeping only the most beautiful boards. The sapwood, knots and foam are removed. The piece of wood then undergoes a process called currying (bleaching of the 4 sides of the room). Each piece is transformed according to its final usage with mortise and tenon joints for parts assembly, dovetail for drawers, and with or without panel moldings for doors and sides.

Ornaments enhance the style of each collection: flutes, diamond, cartridges. The small details are hand made by our wood carver who has more then 30 years experience. He draws and sculpts for you the finest flowers, wreaths, baskets and fitting moldings.

The Assembly

The assembly and gluing of the furniture is done manually by our artisans specialized in each type of furniture. The pins protruding (male part) are housed in the hollow mortise (female part).

This assembly "a l’ancienne" provides a perfect fit, avoiding any gaps between two parts and the metal work. Round or conic wooden pegs, depending on the style of the cabinet, then consolidate the cabinet.

The finishing

The tint applied to the raw furniture is the first finishing operation. GONTIER offers a choice of several colors.

Each GONTIER piece is sanded, stained, painted and waxed by hand. Throughout the operations, finishing is revealed under the skilled hand of the woodworker.

There is a wide range of possible finishes: from honey to amber and everything in between (ex: pearl white, graphite black and red purple). These colors are nuanced by different aging.

The dye, by transparency, reveals the grain of the wood. The colors cover the furniture.

The aging of the wood can be ordered from half antique (carbon footprint, little wear) to fully antique (gallery holes, open joints, heavy patina).

Some collections are only available in a unique finish, others are achievable with multi finishes, that is to say by combining shades of wood finish, with particular colors and aging.

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