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Bahuts en bois massif

solid wood sidboards in cherry, oak and walnut 

Maison GONTIER prefers solid wood and sometimes wood veneer, particularly for contemporary collections.  Whatever the collection or style of furniture, the wood always comes from sustainably managed, PEFC-certified French forests. We work with the 2 flagship species of French cabinetmaking: oak and wild cherry. French oak can be recognized by its natural greyish hue, pronounced veining, grain and sapwood. It is recognized worldwide for its robustness and is widely exported. Cherry is softer, with a more subdued pinkish-gray natural grain. In antique-style furniture, it is often finished with a brown tint that tends to be mistaken for the cherry wood itself. Another well-known French species is available since 2023 with a dedicated collection: walnut.

Antique or contemporary sideboard ?

solid wood sideboard

Since 1920, Maison GONTIER has been evolving with the styles appreciated by lovers of fine furniture. The DIRECTOIRE, FLAUBERT and MELANIE collections, which reproduce the shapes and models of the Louis Philippe, Directoire and Louis XVI eras, were the first to be catalogued. There is still a demand for these antique styles, which are part of the history of cabinetmaking. The roundness of Louis Philippe and the purity of Louis XVI appeal to a demanding public in France and abroad. 

Contemporary sideboards can be seen in the CANNES, SIENNA and STELLA collections designed by Christophe Lecomte. These new collections perpetuate a rich, long-lasting design without becoming ostentatious, while bringing modernity and functionalities, in particular opening/closing functions, unknown on antique sideboards. 

Is a rustic or country sideboard still relevant?

The answer is yes, of course, and we'll distinguish rustic from country by their respective finishes. The 2 designations both refer to a traditional style from the French regions and an artisanal manufacturing process. Rustic may be a little more "terroir", with a plain, tinted finish that brings a serious, natural feel. On the contrary, a country or "campagne-chic" finish will play on charm with very soft colors like cream-white or pearl-gray on certain parts of the sideboard, while leaving certain parts of the sideboard only stained to reveal the beauty of solid wood. The cabinet then adopts a so-called two-tone finish. Discover these 2 finishes by visiting the RIVE GAUCHE and TRADITION collections.

Tall sideboard in solid oak, charm finish
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