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Solid wood furniture for the Library

Create a unique piece of furniture in solid wood for your library

The library is a very special room in any home. It has its own style, and the atmosphere in this space is often different from other parts of the house, often calmer, studious or even contemplative. In this room, the size, materials and colors of the bookcase set the tone for the entire room. Maison GONTIER offers bookcases in solid wood or with wood veneer, depending on your style and budget.

On this page, you'll find bookcases in oak, ash and cherry. All these species come from French sustainably-managed forests.

To ensure that your bookcase is in tune with your desires, we adapt to the dimensions you require and the finishes you like.

For dimensions, we create bookcases to the exact cm, using modular elements that can be installed in your room, on your walls or in a corner. 

For wood stains and colors, you can choose the ones you prefer from our standard color chart, or we can make a countertype of the color or stain you're looking for (+140€ ttc).

contemporary design modular oak bookcase

The quintessence of the classic, timeless Bibliothèque?
and why not Louis Philippe-style cherrywood elements...?

While rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and others have often opted for a very contemporary design, lighter materials and colourful finishes, the room dedicated to the library often remains traditional.

lighter materials and colorful finishes, the room dedicated to the library often remains traditional. Maison GONTIER produces solid oak or veneered bookcases in a contemporary style, as shown in the image above, but we still receive many requests for classic solid wood bookcases with a very majestic appearance.

Why do you still prefer Louis Philippe or Louis XVI Directoire-style bookcases? The bookcase is often a refuge, a harmonious place "apart", where you can indulge yourself with noble, traditional materials and recharge your batteries.

This place of rest or study undoubtedly points towards a tasteful, classic environment that will stand the test of time. The budget for these stylish bookcases in oak or cherry also sometimes means having to wait a few years before you can think of affording one. In this case, the bookcase becomes a real achievement.

These are just a few possible explanations for this craze. What is certain is the effect produced by these beautiful traditional bookcases from the INES collection when delivered and installed (and for many years afterwards.... ) at our customers' homes.

INES modular bookcase in solid cherrywood
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