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Ecological furniture 

handcrafted finish of a wooden bonnetiere cupboard
bleu eco-friendly planet
wild cherry flower
Solid wood

is a noble and natural material. It comes directly from the felled tree and is transformed into planks, cleats, backs, bottoms... solid wood furniture is warm, durable and UNIQUE.

On the contrary, chipboard, plywood, melamine or laminated medium panels are made with wood particles (waste or fibers) bound together with phenol-formaldehyde resins, or volatile and toxic chemical substances such as isocyanates.

By preferring French solid wood from PEFC-certified sawmills for our furniture, we favor Nature and Health. 

Proximity preserves ecology 

Short distances have a direct and positive impact on the carbon footprint and the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions.

To transport a buffet throughout France, the energy consumption for manufacturing and delivery is around 3 MJ. The quantity of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere is approximately 1.5 kg. The other part comes from Asia and particularly from China. The same buffet combined boat + truck consumes approx. 7 x more energy and reject 10 x more CO². 


Another part of the furniture sold in France comes from Southern Europe or Eastern Europe. Transport by truck consumes 4 x more energy and rejects approx. 7x more CO².

short circuit =  green circuit!

social ecology

is lived on a daily basis in an environment where the risks are reduced. For example, the manufacture of furniture in France is subject to very strict regulations for wood dust with a threshold 25 times lower than the European standard and "infinitely" lower than the threshold for Asian countries.


We also use as soon as possible new water-based varnishes when finishing raw furniture 


Safety conditions at work, working hours, weeks off and the entire French social ecosystem in which MON PETIT MEUBLE FRANÇAIS participates are also factors of social ecology.

daily ecology at work

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