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Solid wood Chest of Drawers

Antique solid wood chests of drawers

Commodes en bois massif

Originally called "bureaux", these wide-drawer pieces of furniture became known as "commodes" in the early 18th century. Unlike chiffonniers, commodes are wider than they are tall, and are generally limited to 3 or 4 drawers.

Maison GONTIER offers Louis Philippe-style commodes with the FLAUBERT collection. The front of the drawer under the top is almost invisible, as the molding is in the shape of an "inverted S", known as a doucine. The straighter Louis XVI Directoire-style chests of drawers have fun with "false drawer" fronts, giving the impression of several drawers per floor. In reality, the drawer runs the full width of the chest, providing ample storage space.   

Cherry or oak and wood finish or color: white, black... ?

All our chests of drawers are available in cherry and oak. If you prefer a smooth grain, with fine, slightly pink veining in its natural state, cherry will satisfy you. If you're looking for a more pronounced, greyer grain on the tree, then oak should be your preference.  

The finish of your chest of drawers can be adapted to the room in which it will be placed, or to the style of the collection chosen. In a bedroom, light, soft colors such as creamy white or pearl grays are a good choice if you like a quiet, restful atmosphere. On the other hand, in an entrance hall or hallway, a finish with touches of color can set off the room and attract attention.

If you appreciate the Louis Philippe style and wish to remain classic, a chest of drawers finished only in a wood tint seems logical. If you want to modernize your furniture, give it a modern touch, go for straight dressers and use the different surfaces of the dresser to combine different colors.

A two-tone finish will leave the wood visible on the top and cover the rest of the furniture in one color, while a "deco" finish will blend several colors together. 

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