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wood desks for the home and office work

Writing table or Secretary desk ? 

The word "desk" refers to an office table with legs and storage space under or over the top (drawers, pull-outs, shelves, over-cabinet, etc.).

A desk is primarily used for writing, or for placing a laptop and/or monitor on the tabletop, even if it means storing the PC tower underneath. 

The secretary is a cabinet-type piece of furniture with a closed back and sides. It houses a central niche with a flap door and often drawers or doors in, above or below the niche.

The unfolded flap lets you write directly on it, or place your laptop on it to work. You can then store your computer and accessories inside the niche. Drawers or doors above and below the niche can be used to store larger files and notebooks.

The question when choosing between these 2 types of desks is: do I need extra storage for my work stuff, or do I prefer an uncluttered space during my work session?

Office designs & features

Maison GONTIER offers a wide range of desks for very specific uses. The writing table in the MELANIE collection is the classic, well-proportioned Directoire-style desk with just 2 drawers for storage under the top. In the Directoire collection, you'll also find a majestic minister's desk with a beautiful leather desk pad. The pedestal desk will satisfy your storage needs, with numerous drawers and a faux-drawer-style door front for hanging files. If you own a PC with a tower, you'll find PC small desks that allow you to place the tower on its feet on a shelf. If you'd like to place your desk in the corner of a room, take a look at our FLAUBERT corner desk.

Finally, if you want to combine modern design with quality wood and be connected to your devices without wires or USBs lying around, TRAPEZ desks in 130 cm and 200 cm will seduce you for a very, very classy executive desk! 

Solid wood desk

Investing in a beautiful, sustainable office?

If you spend a lot of time working at your desk, if your desk is part of the image you want to communicate to your customers or at home, then yes, choose a beautiful, durable desk.

Maison GONTIER offers you durable desks that you won't have to change after a year or two because the leg comes off or the fixing screw is lost or the melamine film on the top has torn. We guarantee all our furniture for 5 years.

We make every desk to order to avoid wasting natural resources. The solid wood used comes from sustainably-managed French forests. Finally, all manufacturing, assembly and finishing is carried out in France, so yes, a desk from la Maison GONTIER is a real good investment!

Executive design and connected desk in solid wood
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