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CANNES Collection 
design furniture in walnut by Christophe Lecomte 

New collection CANNES in walnut : fall / winter 2023

This new collection brings you innovation and a French elegance. La Maison GONTIER offers for a 1st time in its history a whole collection in walnut. This wood species is high valued in cabinet making for high-end pieces thanks to

Its fine grain, stability, soft veining and "brown to light brown" hue. It makes it a highly prized wood for warm interiors.

Designer Christophe Lecomte has combined this noble wood with hand-lacquered metal frames in matt black to create a tasteful, trendy contrast of materials and colors.

With oak, ash, cherry and now walnut, la Maison GONTIER offers you the full range of French quality woods.

Innovation and details on every piece of furniture

The furniture pieces in this CANNES collection incorporate the very latest in technical solutions and materials.

The storage units, for example, are fitted with dust-proof glass inserts in the drawer fronts. This gives you the convenience of the drawer, with a view of the items stored inside, without the inconvenience. The aesthetics of wood and glass combined in the fronts is also magnificent.

The doors are mounted on hinges with shock absorbers to prevent any noise when closing, and offer a high level of acoustic comfort. Similarly, drawers are mounted on shock-absorbing runners and close silently. 

Optional lighting solutions are also available for storage units. You can choose glass shelves to be placed in the cabinet niche, or opt for a discreet shelf support that diffuses warm light from the top and bottom of the support. A Tuya Smart LED app on smart phones allows you to control the light color and intensity using on remote.

The dining table is equipped with a 3mm ceramic top, which can be extended to unfold a large extension leaf that folds under the top to save 60 cm in table length.

Contemporary design walnut furniture
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