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sustainable entrance furniture in solid wood

What uses for which entrance furniture?

Entrance furniture in solid wood

Used regularly in everyday life, hall furniture can have very different functions, depending on the objectives of each household.

Hallway furniture is often used for storage, with closets for clothes and shoe racks for shoes. Furniture with drawers designed like large sofa backs or adapted consoles can be used for clothing accessories: gloves, hats, scarves and caps, for example.

Furniture with doors, such as small sideboards, small dressers, cabinets or man-stands, have a broader use and can be used to store all kinds of useful items indoors or out. 

Entrance furniture can also be used as shelves, for a quicker deposit of keys, telephones, mail, advertisements, or any other small item you don't want to forget when you go out.

Last but not least, the top of the hall unit can be used to show what's important to us when we get home, by placing vases and bouquets, statuettes, sculptures or mirrors and aesthetic objects to please the eye before leaving home.   

This multiplicity of functions that a piece of hall furniture can perform gives rise to very different shapes and sizes.  

What are the additional criteria for choosing the right hallway furniture?

Once you've decided on the function of your hall furniture, evaluate the space you have available and let your taste speak for itself!

Do you prefer oak with its imposing, reassuring grey grain, or the softness of cherry with its gentle surface?

You can also make your selection according to the style you appreciate. If you like the classic style, Maison GONTIER will propose Louis Philippe-style models with soft, rounded shapes, or Louis XVI Directoire models with timeless, straighter lines enhanced by diamonds / diamonds and cartouches / fluting.

For those who appreciate country chic, you'll find the right entrance furniture in the TRADITION collection.

Finally, the SIENNA collection will appeal to fans of contemporary furniture in natural oak with straight lines. 

For a personalized finish, you can discover the shades and colors available on our color chart and match them as you wish on the different parts of your furniture. We will then create your special finish to your specifications.

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