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Wooden HIFI TV stands 

TV furniture: what technical criteria should I consider to optimize my purchase?

Wall-mounted or free-standing TV? We offer TV stands for both: wall-mounted or free-standing. 

Straight or in a corner? Here too, Maison GONTIER offers you both types of furniture, with space-saving corners. 

What size should I choose for my TV unit? This will of course depend on the size of your screen and your wall.

You may also decide to integrate your TV unit into a larger piece of furniture, such as a wall unit or a wall bookcase. We can offer you everything from very small units like CD columns to 160 cm TV stands for large screens.

Doors or drawers? You'll often find more space for bulky equipment behind doors than in drawers. If you leave the doors open, you'll be able to operate your equipment from the remote control. If you have a lot of devices to control remotely, consider furniture with niches, and in all cases, check the cable routing at the back.

What types of doors? The usual doors are hinged, but you'll also find sliding doors and co-planar sliding doors, skilfully crafted using a woodworking trick and without hardware. They align smoothly when closed, and pass one behind the other when opened. Our models also include TV cabinets with lift-up doors, known as "garage doors". They can be pulled up and stored inside the cabinet, so they don't take up space in the room. 

And what kind of drawers? We offer 3 types. The simplest drawers open and close by pulling and pushing on a handle or ring. Drawers with shock-absorbing runners open with a handle and close very gently to avoid any noise, even when you push the drawer back hard. Push-open drawers open with a simple push of the hand and close by pressing the front panel. They have no handles or handholds.

different styles for TV units

TV cabinets in wood

Once you've selected the technical criteria that are important to you, you can choose the most suitable standard piece of furniture from the pages above, or have it custom-made.

You can also modify a piece of furniture presented on these pages and customize its finish using the digital color chart.


Read on for more information on the 4 cabinet-making styles offered here by Maison GONTIER.

In the classic style, if you like TV furniture with molded, curved shapes or typical Louis Philippe sabots. You'll find them in the FLAUBERT collection.

Still in period style, but more upright, you can discover our modernized Directoire models presented in the MELANIE collection and recognized by their rhombuses / diamonds and cartouches / fluting on the front.

If you prefer chic country furniture in warm, wood-like finishes or full of charm in creamy white, for example, take a look at TRADITION furniture.

For contemporary design, furniture by Vendée designer C. Lecomte is sure to please. Beautifully designed, they have beautiful wood sections and a modern look, with the softness of a few curves. Find them in the SIENNA and STELLA collections, available in oak and cherry.

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