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Solid wood console tables

How can console furniture be used in an entrance hall, bedroom or living room? 

Originally, the console table was used to hold dishes while waiting to be served at the table.

Nowadays, the console is often placed along the wall and is a narrow, open piece of furniture of varying length. Heights vary, but they are often found at table height, from 75 cm to 77 cm, and sometimes higher, at 90 cm, often for display purposes in hotel lobbies or art galleries. This height will draw the eye to your sculptures, vases and bouquets, and your beautiful artistic pieces in general. 

The console table necessarily has a straight side to line up with the wall. The top is often rectangular with 2 parallel edges, or one side can be rounded to form a half-moon top. The console top can be used to display or showcase objects, or for practical storage purposes. Consoles from the TRADITION collection without drawers are ideal if you don't have any storage to do. The FLAUBERT collection, on the other hand, features a discreet, handleless drawer. The other collections offer more storage, with up to 3 drawers. You'll find long drawers in the contemporary SIENNA collection, numerous drawers in the DIRECTOIRE collection and even a secret drawer in the MÉLANIE collection. 

How do I choose the right wooden console? 

Meubles consoles en bois pour l'entrée, chambre, salon

In addition to the storage capacity you need, you can use additional criteria to finalize your choice, such as wood, style and finish.

Do you have a preference for a particular type of wood: oak or cherry? The former is renowned for its hardness and durability, with a grey grain and pronounced texture, while the latter is naturally slightly pink, with a silky texture and finer grain.

What is the style of your interior? Do you want to mix styles or keep a homogeneous atmosphere in the room? Maison GONTIER offers you curved Louis Philippe-style brackets, straight Louis XVI Directoire-style brackets, sometimes modernized, more country-chic or contemporary brackets. 

The finish also plays an important role in ensuring successful integration into the room. Do you want to keep your wood tones classic and contemporary, or play the charm card with light colors? Or do you prefer, above all, color mixes and deco-style stripes that give your interior tone? 

With the answers to these 3 possible choices, you can already narrow down your selection. And if you don't see your "dream" console on these pages, take a look at our color chart and create your own custom console by placing the wood shades and colors you want in the desired areas of the furniture. If you're looking for designer consoles, you can also visit our sister brand Mon Petit Meuble Français. 

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