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Display cabinets in wood

Argentiers and showcases: history and différences 

Sometimes mixed up or confused in common parlance, these 2 terms are not entirely equivalent. The "argentier" is just one of a variety of display cases. In the past, it was mainly used to store and display silverware and precious trinkets. Today, they are used more widely to store rare objects, sentimental knick-knacks and personal collections. The silver cabinet is a cupboard or cabinet with 3 out of 4 sides glazed, and can be illuminated to highlight the objects on display. 

Showcase furniture in the broadest sense encompasses several categories with very different uses.   These include library display cabinets, china cabinets, display cabinets under TV sets, wine cellars and even parts of sideboards.

How to choose a display cabinet or an "argentier" ? 

Maison GONTIER offers a wide choice of "standard" display cases in its catalog, which you can discover on this page. We don't have all the existing furniture either, so don't hesitate to contact us for a customized project different from what you'll see here.

You'll find a silver cabinet with 3 glazed sides in the classic, timeless MELANIE collection. For bookcase display cabinets, choose from the FLAUBERT and DIRECTOIRE collections in Louis Philippe and Louis XVI Directoire styles respectively. The largest showcases are majestic, with 4 doors and 2 bodies placed one on top of the other. They are beautiful, durable pieces that will shelter your objects for decades and decades.

In a more modern vein, the SIENNA and STELLA bookcases offer a contemporary line conceived by designer C. Lecomte in Vendée. You can choose them in oak or cherry.    

 Check the space you have available and the objects you want to house in it, and all that's left to do is choose the display cabinet or silverware that suits you best.

2-door modern oak display cabinet
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