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Secretary desks in solid wood

Secretary desk in solid wood

The wooden secretary cabinet: history and uses

Throughout history, writing has always required a specific piece of furniture. The writing table was used as early as the parchment era. The writing table was introduced at the same time as the cabinet under Louis XIII. Then came the bonheur du jour, reserved for women's correspondence. The flap desk became popular under Louis XVI and during the Directoire period. 

 This distinctive piece of furniture often comprises three parts: a drawer above the niche, a flap for writing and a series of drawers or storage units with doors beneath the flap.

The modernized Directoire-style secretaries offered by Maison GONTIER in the MÉLANIE collection perpetuate this tradition and classic organization of secretary furniture. 

The PC and then the laptop have replaced the pen and writing proper, but the usefulness of a secretary has never wavered. Today, it's mainly used for working from home. The return of telecommuting in recent years has further enhanced the appeal of this type of furniture. Unlike an office table, it allows you to store all your equipment and files when you're finished working. There's no better way to keep your home tidy and make a psychological break from "the office", to stop thinking about work. In the same room, you can serenely switch from the professional world to your personal activities.  

How to customize your secretary desk ? 

The secretaries shown here can be modified in many ways. Use our standard color chart to choose finishes in stains and colors that suit you and your interior. If you'd like other colors, we can make the countertype you want from a wood sample, fabric or photo. The cost is €140 with a sample sent to you for validation. 

You can also decide on the exterior ornamentation and modify the hardware: English buttons, simple brass rings, Louis XVI rings or label holders, what do you prefer? 

Would you like a wider or taller desk, with a different layout? Contact us for a precise quotation for your made-to-measure project and have your unique piece of furniture created.

If you're looking for a secretary with a clean, modern design, our sister brand Mon Petit Meuble Français also offers magnificent Scandinavian-style secretaries in ash and oak.

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