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Dining tables in solid wood

Dining tables in solid wood

Maison GONTIER offers dozens of wooden table models. For lovers of classic style, discover the FLAUBERT collections for the soft, curved forms of Louis Philippe, and the DIRECTOIRE and MELANIE collections for the straight, sometimes modernized lines of Louis XVI style. If you prefer a table in the spirit of "Campagne chic", visit the TRADITION and RIVE GAUCHE collections. For contemporary models, the SIENNA and STELLA collections by designer Christophe Lecompte will let you appreciate straight, soft lines. For all our tables, the solid wood comes from PEFC-certified, sustainably-managed French forests. 

With several extension leaves integrated and folded under the tabletop, or stored outside and called "service leaves", your tables can reach up to 3m in length with the extension leaves to accommodate a large number of guests. 

Each table is handcrafted, and we can adapt our standard tables to the dimensions you require, within the limits of woodworking techniques. Just ask us.

Dining tables with ceramics, metal and wrought iron

extendable oval dining table in solid wild cherry Louis xvi style

While solid wood has been maison GONTIER's specialty for over 100 years, some of the models presented on this page add other materials, such as straight metal for the legs of models in the modern SIENNA collection, and wrought iron for the classic MELANIE collection. The ceramic top is a perfect match for a SIENNA table with its clean, chic design and natural bleached oak finish or for CANNES tables with a magnificent walnut design.

Lift-up coffee tables

extendable design dining table in oak and ceramic top

Discover our MELANIE lift-up coffee table for dining in the living room in front of the TV, or nibbling with friends from the comfort of your sofa. It holds bottles and glasses in the closed position and can be unfolded to gain 22 cm / 8.7"  in height for a comfortable meal.

liftable coffee table in solid oak
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