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About solid wood furniture

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Maison GONTIER's blog about handcrafted furniture:
stories of wood, people and style

To find out a little more about the birth of a furniture style, the specific characteristics of the wood species we use and everything that makes each piece of furniture unique and tells a story, please feel free to browse through the posts on this blog and give us your reactions or ask us additional questions to better understand your piece of furniture or simply out of curiosity. 

The French style has shone through and is still recognized today thanks to famous architects, interior designers and designers. For our part, we continue to promote different styles of furniture and highlight French designers.

For our French customers, and perhaps even more so for our foreign customers, these posts shed light on a few periods of French history and the beauties of the wood species found in France.

oak, ash, cherry and walnut

logo made in France

Our wooden furniture uses several different species, all sustainably managed in our French forests. The French forest covers 16.8M hectares in 2018, compared with 8.4M in 1840; it has therefore doubled in size in less than 200 years.

Under Louis XIV, oak was chosen as the priority species and today represents 40% of this area, ash 5%. Wild cherry and walnut are more anecdotal. 

Our classic and antique furniture collections, such as DIRECTOIRE, FLAUBERT, MELANIE and TRADITION, can be ordered in oak or cherry as standard. The contemporary STELLA est collection also offers furniture in these 2 species. The RIVE GAUCHE and SIENNA collections are only available in oak as standard, the TRAPEZ models in ash and the CANNES collection in walnut, except for the table, which is available in stained ash or natural walnut.

soft drying oak and cherry woods
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