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Closets and Wardrobes in solid wood

Closets and Wardrobes in details

The word "dressing" is derived from "dressing room". Its French translation, not widely used, would be garde-robe (wardrobe), meaning a piece of furniture for storing clothes. As the name suggests, a closet is simply a piece of furniture (or part of a piece of furniture) for hanging clothes. 

On this page, Maison GONTIER offers only modular wooden "dressings" (solid or veneered) made to customers' specific dimensions and storage requirements. For standard and fixed models of small or large closets, small or large cupboards, please refer to the corresponding Cabinets page.

How do I define my made-to-measure wardrobe ? 

dressing penderie bois sur mesure

To begin with, you can specify the style you'd like your dressing room to have, depending on the room in which it will be installed and your home in general. Do you want a classic or contemporary dressing room? 

Then choose the wood species you prefer: oak, reputed to be robust and durable, or cherry, with its fine grain and delicate, slightly pinkish veining in its natural state? These 2 types of wood come from French sustainably managed forests. 

Dimensions will be important in determining the number of modules to be created. Do you want to place your dressing room on 1, 2 or 3 different walls, or do you need corner modules? 

The definition of storage space is also important. The simplest dressing room will be completely open, but here you can choose for each module whether you prefer drawers or doors in front, or a combination of the 2. The interior layout is also module-based, and you can decide whether each module should have a closet or linen closet (with shelves).

Finally, treat yourself to a chic walk-in wardrobe by consulting our color chart.

Combine wood stains and colors as you wish, so that your wall composition perfectly matches your taste and your interior. 

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