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Solid cherry wood furniture, made in France

French wild cherry furniture

The wild cherry is a tree found in Europe, the Caucasus and Western Asia, where it grows spontaneously. Its other names are bird cherry or wild cherry.  It is a highly prized wood, especially for cabinetmaking, but also for stair railings and pipe stoves. Its grain is very delicate, with varying shades of gray and pink. Its grain is very fine. Used extensively in the manufacture of cherrywood furniture, it is now associated with a brown wood characteristic of the shade used to finish Louis Philippe or Louis XVI Directoire furniture. 

This wood is naturally light in color. This allows lighter, lighter shades to be applied to modern cherrywood furniture in a very contemporary style, very different from antique cherrywood furniture. 

Maison GONTIER produces its solid cherrywood furniture exclusively with wood from French sustainably managed forests via PEFC-certified sawmills.  You can customize the finish of our cherrywood furniture with the shades on our digital color chart, or suggest special shades.

design contemporay coffee table in cherry wood
Half-moon console table in solid wild cherry wood

Cherry wood tv stand, solid cherry wood table, cherry wood desk and sideboard, cherry wood bedside table, chest of drawers and bed...our catalog is full! of cherry pieces !

Cherry wood furniture is the most represented in our catalog! Maison GONTIER was a specialist in cherrywood furniture from 1920 until 2010. The FLAUBERT, DIRECTOIRE and MELANIE collections include several hundred pieces of solid cherrywood furniture. Today, we also produce the same furniture in solid oak. More recent collections such as RIVE GAUCHE and SIENNA are presented in oak, but we can also manufacture models in cherry. 

Last but not least, the STELLA collection bridges the gap between "classic cherry" and "modern cherry" furniture. It is available as standard in both wood species.

For your bedroom, dining room, living room, study, library or hallway, you'll find a solid cherry wood piece of furniture to personalize on our site.


You can also have us create your custom furniture based on a sketch, photo or description. Contact us for a quote!

Each piece of furniture comes with a 5-year warranty and is delivered to the room in Metropolitan France, with 2 delivery drivers if required. So you can be sure you're getting top-of-the-range, durable, 100% French cherrywood furniture.

solid wild cherry bookcase
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