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Hifi furniture in wood

Custom Hifi furniture: how to assess your needs?

In addition to the CD columns shown above, which are still much sought-after by music lovers and those nostalgic for the sound quality of compact discs, we mainly produce custom-made hifi furniture in wood.

For a custom cabinet, determine the space you have available and the equipment you'll need and enjoy listening to. Do you need to store an amplifier, or even a pre-amp, a CD and/or K7 player, a tuner, headphones?

If so, do you also want to store your music media: vinyl records, compact discs or K7s? In that case, you'll need to consider the layout of each part in terms of wiring, practicality of use and the aesthetics of your furniture.

If you listen to music from digital players: smartphones, tablets, mobile speakers and Bluetooth, the cabinet will undoubtedly be simpler and you'll need less space.

Once you've got your brief or a sketch, don't hesitate to contact us for a feasibility study and quotation.

How do I define the design of my Hifi cabinet?

Start by ruling out styles you don't like or don't want: Louis XVI Directoire, Louis Philippe, Country, Contemporary, Design... ? Once you've decided on your style, define your preferred wood species: oak, ash, cherry, walnut, and depending on your budget and your desires, decide whether you want 100% solid wood, a combination of solid wood and veneer, or all veneer. 

Finally, find the finishes you like best. Are you more natural and prefer to stay close to the wood tones, or do you like to have touches of color, stripes or patterns? Discover our different possibilities with the color chart.

Meubles Hifi sur mesure en bois
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