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Bedheads in solid wood

Bedheads: separated but useful

Tête de lit en bois massif

Known for their decorative appeal, headboards add a touch of color to any bedroom, for a successful look. A wooden headboard brings a warm, lively feel to the room, reinforcing the "cocoon" aspect of a room in which to sleep. More discreet than a full bed frame, the headboard adapts to the width of your bed base, attaching to it for protection. 

If you don't want to be in direct contact with a cold, old or damp wall, a headboard is an ideal, less expensive investment than a full bed frame. 

Wood will help you avoid the dust that can nestle on upholstered fabrics, and the allergies that can ensue.

Customize your wooden bedhead 

Maison GONTIER offers you exclusively wood panel headboards - that's our expertise. You can choose your wood species from several French woods, including oak, ash, cherry and walnut. Above, we offer headboards in the modernized Directoire style, but you can also opt for Louis Philippe, Campagne chic or contemporary styles if you prefer. We can create your custom headboard based on a photo, sketch and/or specifications.  On this page, you'll find the EMMA headboard, made to order with a matching storage unit.

To choose your finish, consult our color chart with wood stains and standard colors, or send us your preferred color based on a RAL color chart, a wood sample, a fabric or a photo, and we'll create the corresponding countertype. The cost is €140 incl. VAT, with a sample sent for your approval.

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