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solid wood tv cabinets

A few criteria to help you choose your wooden television stand

As with any furniture purchase, we recommend that you start by taking into account 2 major purchasing criteria: the space you have available and the style you like.

Once you know the 3 maximum dimensions (length x height x depth) for placing your piece of furniture, you can check on each item page whether the piece of furniture we propose suits you in the Dimensions and Weight tab below the photos, or whether you prefer a custom-made piece of furniture to optimize your available space. 

Maison GONTIER offers 3 classic styles: Louis Philippe, Louis XVI Directoire, rustic country-side and 1 contemporary / design style.  For any other style of furniture, contact us and we'll study your request according to our technical possibilities. 


Then choose the type of opening/closing. Would you like an open niche to allow you to manage your boxes and multimedia devices remotely with a remote control?

Drawers can be useful for quickly storing loose accessories. More traditional, doors can protect your equipment from dust and impact. We offer several types of doors, including swing doors, sliding doors, garage doors and co-planar, sliding and aligned doors. 


Finally, you can choose your preferred wood species from oak and cherry, for example, and focus on 100% solid wood models, or the more modern combination of solid wood and veneer.

How can I customize my TV stand?

Take a look at our color chart to discover the standard stains and colors available for each wood species. 

Make your own selection and choose where you'd like to apply a particular stain or color. Simply indicate the finish you've chosen in the "add a note" section of your shopping basket, and we'll create it for you.

If you don't find the "ideal" colors in our color chart, you can send us a reference from the RAL color chart or photos or fabrics corresponding to what you want. We'll produce a countertype and send it to you for approval (surcharge €140 inc. VAT).

Finally, if you wish to modify the shape of the furniture, this is also possible. Please let us know the final dimensions and any other modifications to be taken into account for a specific quotation.

solid cherry tv cabinets
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