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Bonnetières, armoires 1 porte, en bois massif

Bonnetière, cabinet or "standing man", "homme debout" in French 

Bonnetière en bois massif

The bonnetière is a small cupboard with 1 door and 1 shelf inside. Formerly used to store fragile items such as headdresses, lace and...bonnets, it differs from the cabinet, which also has a drawer, and the standing man, which is often larger and has a drawer separating 2 leaves vertically. 

The bonnetière is an antique piece of furniture, with stylistic differences depending on the period and region of manufacture. You'll find Louis-Philippe styles in the FLAUBERT collection, and modernized Directoire in the MELANIE collection. In a more rustic, country-chic vein, you'll also find pretty bonnetières in the TRADITION collection.

How to choose ?

First, its dimensions. Is your bonnetière a small piece of furniture to keep a few things close at hand, or THE piece of furniture in the room to store all your linen, crockery and glassware? You'll find a wide range of models and sizes on this page. The large bonnetière can reach almost 200 cm, while the mini-bonnetières are around 130 - 140 cm high. Maison GONTIER also offers a wide range of made-to-measure models, should you wish to modify the standard dimensions. 

Louis Philippe, Louis XVI Directoire or contemporary design and wood species are equally important criteria of choice. Make your Bonnetière unique by choosing the wood shades or colors you want to match your interior. See our color chart on the "Customized finishes" page. 

Sustainability and ecology

Each Bonnetière is made and finished to order, to avoid wasting natural resources and to be as flexible as possible with regard to the customer's wishes. Solid wood is sourced exclusively from PEFC-certified, sustainably-managed French forests. High-quality, handcrafted production means that each Bonnetiere is guaranteed for 5 years, but you're sure to keep it for much longer. 

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