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Sideboards in solid wood

Main sideboard's uses: storage and display

The sideboard is primarily a piece of furniture used for storage, but its long top can also be used as a display unit. Depending on the space you have available along the wall, you can choose sideboards with different looks and dimensions.  Mini-buffets, for example from the DIRECTOIRE collection, can be used for extra storage in a hall, living room, bedroom or hallway, but can only hold a vase or trinket. High sideboards, also known as 3/4 units, are 130 cm high, so you won't be able to display your objects in an eye-catching way. On the contrary, long enfilades over 180 cm will allow you to decorate more creatively, showcasing not only your most aesthetic objects, but also frames, mirrors and paintings to be placed on top or hung on the wall. 

If required, we can modify the dimensions to fit your space perfectly.

What are the other criteria for choosing a buffet? 

In addition to the choice of 3 sizes, which means you can use the buffet top as a display stand, you'll also need to consider the design of your interior: classic or contemporary. Sideboards in the Louis Philippe or Louis XVI style will give you a classic look, either curved and imposing, or straight and slender. A "country" enfilade will delight lovers of traditional regional furniture, with a wood finish throughout. On the other hand, a creamy white or pearl gray finish will take you into a lighter, more charming world, as in the TRADITION and RIVE GAUCHE collections.

Wood species and finishes are also important considerations. Cherry is well known for its use in Louis Philippe and Louis XVI furniture, but you'll also find cherry used in the STELLA collection. Its pink veining and smooth, fine grain continue to seduce enthusiasts. Since Louis XIV, oak has been recognized as the quintessential French wood. Gray in appearance with a coarser grain, it is appreciated worldwide for its hardness and longevity. Discover our contemporary sideboards with the SIENNA collection.

Finally, personalize the finish of your sideboard by choosing the wood stains and colors you like from our color chart. Create a unique piece of furniture that perfectly matches your tastes.

buffet bois merisier massif

What guarantees of sustainability and ecology do these buffets offer? 

Maison GONTIER offers a 5-year commercial warranty, well beyond the 2-year legal guarantee, because we are confident in the quality of the craftsmen we work with. Your sideboard will last for many, many years with gentle maintenance using a slightly damp cloth. The solid wood used in our furniture comes exclusively from PEFC-certified, sustainably-managed French forests. Each buffet is made to order to avoid wasting natural resources.

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