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Wooden furniture for private and professional offices

For your office, treat yourself to chic office furniture that suits you.

Maison GONTIER offers top-of-the-range solid wood desks for your home, as well as executive office furniture for businesses, private practices, studies or agencies.

You'll find desks in oak, ash and cherry. The species we use all come from French sustainably managed forests.

Our cherrywood office furniture is classic or antique in style, with ministerial Directoire desks or smaller computer-friendly desks that retain the spirit of stylish collections. 

For work at home, discover our office tables, our secretaries with extra storage capacity or our pedestal desk for hanging files and laptop storage in the locked drawer.

Our office furniture is customizable, and you can choose the finish from our color chart. We can also custom-make furniture to fit the dimensions of your office room and add features if you wish.

TRAPEZ: an executive desk in wood , design and connected

Solid wood desk with leather and a charm finish

The TRAPEZ desk was designed by Christophe Lecomte. Its elegant design makes it an ideal piece of furniture for receiving customers or the public. Handcrafted in France, this executive desk features a multi-outlet box with 3 electrical outlets and 2 USB sockets (modifiable), enabling you to recharge your computers and smartphones. As an option, you can also add an HDMI socket for your screens.

The black leather underside (modifiable) of the tray slides forward to give access to the power strip and facilitate connections without moving from your armchair. 

To avoid having too many wires under the desk and on the floor, a single cable runs from the power strip through the desk leg to the wall socket. It's up to you to choose which leg the cable comes out of, depending on the proximity of your wall outlets. 

Finally, don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like other types of wood, other dimensions, other outlets - we'll make your luxury desk to measure.

Connected luxury executive desk in wood
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