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Other pieces in solid wood

Other furniture, misceallenous, special pieces...

other furniture pieces - end of sofa magazine rack

How can we organize our website without multiplying the number of pages and categories, and how can we make visible furniture that's a bit special and doesn't fit into any particular box? We've opted for simplicity by creating a "others" or "miscellaneous" section that's a bit of a catch-all, bringing together furniture for a wide variety of uses.

You'll find "special" or almost normal furniture in classic or contemporary styles. If you have a project for "other" custom-made furniture, contact us to share your project and bring it to life. 

If you're interested in one of these pieces of furniture, we've already made them at least 1 time, so we know how to make them for you.

What characterizes the "other" furniture pieces ?

Some of the furniture shown above is taken from our existing collections, such as the oval sofa end with magazine holder and the sideboard from the FLAUBERT collection in the Louis Philippe style, or the more contemporary SIENNA standing man.

The end of sofa has a dual function: it can be used to place your belongings on the tray and to store your magazine. The FLAUBERT small sideboard was a classic piece of furniture, but is now less frequently used.

The oak standing man was originally a modified wardrobe with a special width-to-height ratio and an intermediate drawer. In the same spirit, the MELANIE hosier can be transformed into a shoe storage unit with an adapted interior layout. 

Some of the "other" furniture comes from former Maison GONTIER collections. The sofa with drawer comes from a former collection called JEANNE, now discontinued.
On the other hand, some "other furniture" has been made-to-measure and is the result of our customers' creativity. The EMMA bonnetière is mobile thanks to its castors, and features a different top opening from the usual bonnetières. Other pieces of furniture, such as the rum bar, restaurant display and breakfast tables, were designed for private individuals and hotels. Their usefulness may be more limited in "normal" homes, though... 

We'll be happy to work with you on your "other" furniture, the one you're the only one to have thought of!

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