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Chiffoniers in solid wood

How many drawers for a Chiffonier ? 

Chiffonier in solid wood

Chiffoniers and semainiers (chiffoniers with 6-7 drawers) are pieces of furniture with drawers used mainly for storage in the bedroom, but also practical in an office or living room. This type of furniture appeared during the Regency then Louis XV period and remains current, praised and used for its practicality. It does not take up space, its footprint is very small.

Chiffoniers include all furniture with drawers that are taller than they are wide, regardless of the number of drawers and the shapes they take. The semainiers originally had 7 identical drawers and each drawer was theoretically used for a specific day of the week. Narrow furniture with many (5, 6 or 7..) rectangular drawers, regardless of the use of each drawer, is commonly referred to today as a semainier.

Chiffoniers in solid wood: finishes and styles

Maison GONTIER offers you exclusively 6-7 drawer chiffoniers cabinets made from solid French wood, oak and cherry, from sustainably managed forests. You can choose your furniture from 3 different styles. The FLAUBERT collection offers you Louis Philippe style weekly drawers with a characteristic style, a very discreet drawer integrated into an ogee under the top and sabot feet. With the MÉLANIE collection, you will find a refined design inspired by the Directoire style and modernized with very straight lines lending itself well to colorful finishes. Finally, the TRADITION collection is more reminiscent of a chic countryside style. The design and wooden sections offer great robustness. The finishes range from rather rustic wood tones to creamy white, gray or pearl gray lacquers full of charm.

Also personalize your weekly organizer with finishes from our standard color chart or create your tailor-made weekly organizer with dimensions and colors to create, develop and create your tailor-made piece of furniture especially for you.​

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